EU referendum: real winner is radical right – and it’s about to get even nastier


Just prior to the EU referendum Undercoverinfo published an article, “If Brexit is the answer, then the wrong question was asked by the wrong people“. The correct question would have been: “Do you want years of far-right Tory-governed austerity – yes or no?” But honesty was never the name of the game and many – not all – on both sides of the referendum debate excelled themselves in the retailing of half-truths and lies. The UK Referendum was a complete con – a mega distraction approved by a prime minister who misjudged the public mood and which has seen one of the biggest, if not the biggest, shifts to the right in modern-day British politics. Pulling out of the EU was merely a consequence of the referendum: a radical right takeover was the real goal.

Both remaining Tory candidates for PM – Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May – are of the radical-right. May portrays herself as ‘one nation Tory’, though that’s questionable given her determination over several years to introduce the Snoopers Charter via the Communications Data Bill and the Investigatory Powers Bill, – which together will see Britain become the most totalitarian society in terms of surveillance in the world (including the USA) – or the wide-ranging Counter Extremism bill. May also sent vans through Britain telling illegal immigrants to “go home”.


Caricatured Leadsom supporter

Leadsom, however, is not only radical right, but extreme right and avowedly of a Conservative culture only found in darkened corners of the Shires – a throwback to the 1950s, where unrestricted fox hunting was not only legal but commonplace and where mono-culture (WASPs) was the norm.

Leadsom’s culture is the culture satirised by images of the upper-class twit – indeed, such creatures broke loose and were seen lomping around Parliament yesterday to show Leadsom their support. It was a truly shocking sight.

But more shocking is the possibility that Leadsom could be voted the next prime minister, regardless of her unsuitability. This is because the decision as to who will be the next PM is now down to the Tory membership. That membership of 150,000 is largely based in the Home Counties, is mostly male and is mostly people over aged 60. Voting in Leadsom would be their ultimate revenge on decades of political correctness, civil liberties and multiculturalism.


Their agenda can be summed up on the scrap of paper studied by an alleged Leadsom supporter and photographed by a passenger on the Tube (see below image). It includes abolishing the Human Rights Act (Theresa May also intended to scrap the Act too, but has seemingly changed her mind – for now), stamping out immigration (also, see tweet above), curing gays of their sexuality, and joining forces with far-right UKIP.


Whether or not this is genuine, the policies ring true

Make no mistake, whether Leadsom gets to be PM, or May, under either leadership – and assuming the legal challenges to Brexit fail – we will see years of austerity, aimed squarely at the low or underpaid, to pay for the inevitable recession, the beginnings of which we are already seeing since the referendum result was announced (see table below). Indeed, the coming austerity will likely be on a scale never before seen – even in the hey-days of Thatcherism. Some have already coined the zeal the Tories are professing for the post-Brexit rule as ‘Disaster Capitalism’ – a bit like asset stripping but on a mega scale. Or even an economic cold war, featuring its own version of ‘mutual assured destruction’.

This, of course, was not in the minds of those who voted Conservative at the last general election – they voted for Cameron and his less radical right agenda. Nor was it in the minds of those who voted Leave in the referendum: many voted that way as a protest against EU bureaucracy or the Westminster elites. Now they have a new elite to govern them – an elite representing even more the vested interests they abhored.

In short, the next government has no legitimacy, even by its own meagre definitions of democracy.

As for rebellion, the odds stacked against that happening are massive: a state armed with comprehensive surveillance technology and snooping powers – even if the two draft bills are not passed; a tamed de-unionised workforce, with many workers still on minimum wage and zero-hour contracts; an Opposition that is stubbornly Blairite – despite Chilcot – and infamously disconnected from the non-metro working class; and, of course, a right-wing media that will back the extremist Tories and their policies to the hilt.

One of the many ironies of the EU Referendum is that people across the country proved, against all predictions, that they can massively change politics – even if the change they got was nothing like what they wanted. But the Government will not make that mistake again. And it is no wonder that the politicians – even those on the Remain side – were quick to state that there would be no more referendums (on anything!). Indeed, within hours of the referendum result Theresa May stated: “There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, and no second referendum.”

The people, to quote Percy Bysshe, may have risen like lions. but they did so in response to the wrong question. And so the answer they got was not more ‘control of their country’, but more – far more – Toryism and exploitation.

If there is to be a real rebellion, people will need to examine the power structures and work out strategies by which those structures can be sabotaged and brought down. It’s a tall task. Otherwise, it’s more of the same.


Here is a possible – probable – scenario of how the UK economy could play out over the coming months/years…

Note: the table below shows what is already happening. Add to that, £1.5 billion taken off this week alone from the NHS budget and the devaluation of the pound to levels not seen for thirty years, etc, etc.


  • Major projects wil be abandoned or seriously delayed (this is already happening – see above table)
  • Many farms will go bust as EU subsidies end; food prices will increase as the UK becomes more reliant on imports (and with higher tarrifs imposed from EU countries)
  • Small businesses in counties like Cornwall or regions like Wales and which are dependent on EU subsidies will go bust too, resulting in more unemployment in those places
  • Major finance companies and investment banks well move to mainland Europe, impacting on businesses in the City and seeing consequent job losses
  • Tourism numbers will drop due to ongoing reports of racism and ‘foreigners’ being attacked or insulted; many tourist attractions will be forced to lay off staff or will close
  • Despite QE many banks will be reluctant to provide loans to start-ups or to existing businesses that need to expand (with consequent job losses)
  • With rising unemployment, consumer spending well fall and this will lead to more business closures
  • Higher unemployment means less income for government via taxes and so less money to spend on public services (leading to more unemployment)
  • With less money in the government’s coffers, cut-backs are seen in welfare, the NHS, the arts, education, etc (and so more job losses)
  • The NHS no longer viable.
  • With poverty on the rise, more people well turn to crime and the prison population expands
  • There will be a ‘brain drain’ as graduates decide to seek jobs elsewhere – Australia, the USA etc
  • Suicides… welfare sanctions… food banks run out of food (mainland Europe, in pity, offer support)
  • As the economy deteriorates further, riots break out in cities across the UK
  • The government urges calm and talks of “the recession we had to have” and how “if we all work together, we’ll come through”.
  • Meanwhile Scotland declares UDI, N Ireland’s ‘troubles’ return and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson head off to their respective tax havens.
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