Felon heads offshore firm with access to Australian security and records of millions of Australians


Above image courtesy of ABC Television (Australia)

Via a parking and security specialist firm employed by the Australian Government to guard many of its buildings and security establishments, two Hong Kong based billionaires – one of whon was convicted on bribery offences – have the opportunity to access the personal details of millions of Australians. Questionable dealings surrounding Wilson Security – the firm also employed by the Australian Government via Transfield Services (now Broadspectrum) to ‘manage’ security on its refugee prison islands of Nauru and Manus – has emerged as a result of the so-called Panama Papers ‘leak’. While press stories on this, so far – quite rightly – have been about the suitability of such a company to guard refugees, an equally important question relates to the suitability of this company to access sensitive data in Australia via their daily surveillance operations… 

“As the region’s leading security provider, Wilson Security takes pride in protecting the wellbeing of thousands of customers and their businesses every day. Above all, security is a people business” (from Wilson Security).

Further inquries since the Panama Papers revelations have revealed how Wilson Security not only is owned via an offshore shell company but, significantly, is directly controlled by two top businessmen in Hong Kong, who were at the centre of major corruption allegations for some years and, in once case, led to imprisonment.

For many years, too, the Australian Government has depended on this ‘security firm’ to guard its offices, its infrastructure, to ‘police’ its streets (via parking controls and surveillance facilities) and have direct access via its ‘services’ to the personal details of millions of Australians.

Furthermore, its guards have been the subject of inquiries regarding their misconduct on the prison islands set up by the Australian Goverment. Indeed it was only this week that several Wilson Security guards – many of whom are ex-soldiers who had seen active service in Afghanistan and Iraq – were found to have beaten up refugee children on Nauru in a frenzied attack (see video below).

The parent company of Wilson Security is Wilson Parking Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore) – but its ultimate parent companies are Wilson Offshore Group Holdings Limited and Genuine Result Limited, both of which are registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The Panama Papers confirm that the multi-billionaire Hong-Kong based Kwok brothers (Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong and Raymond Kwok Ping-luen) are the owners and controllers of Wilson Security operations.

The brothers, who head Sun Hung Kai Properties, were charged with bribery in 2012 and Thomas Kwok was imprisoned. It had been thought that since that date the pair had relinquished their connections with the Australian firm. But that was not true. Since that time they remained in control of Wilson Security through the Wilson Offshore Group Holdings (WOGH) in the British Virgin Islands. The two brothers did this by slieght of hand: they removed their names from WOGH, but remained in control via two other companies – Winsome Sky and Harmony Core (both companies headed by the Kwok brothers).

This arrangement was organised by none other than Mossack Fonseca.


It is both tragic and ironic that the company that is owned offshore in the British Virgin Islands is also the company that runs the security arrangements for Australia’s offshore ‘refugee processing’. Wilson Security – have additionally been accused of handcuffing children and assaulting asylum seekers and much, much more. Details of much of this abuse can be found here, here, here, here and here.

But, just as importantly, questions need to be raised how a company that is embroiled in the Panama Papers scandal and which is ultimately owned by two Hong Kong based brothers, one of whom is a convicted felon (Thomas Kwok served five years in jail), has contracts to guard security establshments around Australia.

Also, that same company via its parking services and related security services (e.g. providing business security) has direct access to private information on millions of Australians, as well as Australian businesses.

“Australian businesses trust us with their most valuable items every day. There’s nowhere safer to place your greatest assets and cash in transit than in our capable hands.”

Wilson Security deploys its security services staff to provide concierge and customer services, static guarding (including access control/gatehouse), asset protection and screening, mobile patrols and alarm responses, control room (alarm monitoring, video surveillance), covert loss prevention, drug & alcohol screening, traffic control (traffic & kerbside management), and emergency response (First Aid, rescue, medics). Guarding and transporting cash is another Wilson Security core service.

In other words, Wilson Security and its branches see into the lives of most Australians. Wilson Security knows much about you, your movements, your credit and banking facilities, and much more.

See also “Voices from the island where Australia deports asylum seekers” (video)

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