Spycops (and their supervisors): the knowns, the unknowns and the disparities


Spycops seeking anonymity

The Pitchford Inquiry is in imminent danger of turning into a farce. While almost all the victims of abuse (miscarriages of justice, relationship abuse, blacklisting etc) are disclosing their identity in the belief that the Inquiry should be as open and as transparent as possible, the perpetrators of this abuse – abuse of which the police and courts have already officially acknowledged – are employing the exact opposite approach, doing everything they can to keep their identities anonymous and ensure their evidence is given in closed sessions. If the Inquiry chair, Sir Christopher Pitchford, complies with the requests by police for anonymity, then that means a number of crucial questions (see below) are likely not to be answered fully, if at all, and that evidence will therefore be skewed and the inquiry rendered meaningless. Below is a list of known UCOs and some of their supervisors, as well as UCOs listed as Core Participants to the Inquiry (note the disparity).

(Note: if there are any corrections needed to the information below, or omissions identified, these will be dealt with.)

What is expected to happen at Tuesday’s Pitchford Inquiry hearing: click here – explanation by a lawyer.

Meanwhile, there are some important outstanding questions that should inform any decisions made by Justice Pitchford. Unless these questions are addressed and answers given, then the Inquiry will have failed the public.

Here are 10 starter questions…

  1. How many UCOs are not Core Participants (CPs)? Details needed.
  2. Of those UCOs that are not appearing at the Inquiry, how many will be compelled to give evidence? Details needed.
  3. How many UCOs (CPs or otherwise) are still functioning as UCOs? Details needed.
  4. How many supervisors of UCOs will be giving evidence re their own accountability? Details needed.
  5. How many UCOs (CPs or otherwise) have formed intimate relationships in order to provide cover? Details needed.
  6. How many UCOs are still in intimate relationships as patt of their cover? Details needed.
  7. What are the real names of all UCOs who formed intimate relationship abuse? Details needed.
  8. How many UCOs have worked or are still working undercover overseas? Details needed.
  9. What are the links between UCO ops in England & Wales and other parts of UK? Details needed.
  10. What are the links between UCO ops, MI5 and other state surveillance agencies over five decades of political policing? Details needed.

A. Known UCOs/Supervisors (list needs expanding/updating)

(The following links are mostly from Powerbase, which in turn compiles information from a variety of sources.)

  1. Mark Kennedy (aka Mark Stone): UCO
  2. Bob Lambert (aka Bob Robinson): UCO & supervisor
  3. John Dines (John Barker): UCO (now in Australia)
  4. Rod Leeming: UCO
  5. Paul Mercer: probable UCO
  6. Jim Boyling (alias Jim Sutton): UCO
  7. Mike Chitty (aka Mike Blake): UCO
  8. Rod Richardson (alias): UCO
  9. Lynn Watson: UCO
  10. Marco Jacobs: UCO
  11. Mark Jenner (aka Mark Cassidy): UCO
  12. Jason Bishop: UCO
  13. Mark Rayner (alias codename): UCO
  14. Carlo Neri (alias): UCO
  15. RC (alias): UCO
  16. Christian Plowman; UCO
  17. Peter Bleksley: UCO
  18. Pete Black (alias): UCO
  19. Becki Todd: UCO
  20. Simon Brenner: UCO (real name Bromma, based in Germany)
  21. Simon Wellings UCO?
  22. N81 (code name only; see also next section): UCO

(Scores more UCOs and their supervisors are yet to be identified.)

B. Known UCO supervisors

(Note: this listing, culled from police UC docs and other sources, is also incomplete in terms of numbers and details.)

  1. Richard Walton: Commander
  2. Phil Gormley: Commander
  3. Anton Setchell: Assistant Chief Constable
  4. Adrian Tudway: Det. Chief Superintendant
  5. Steven Pearl: Superintendent
  6. Marc Vincent: Deputy Head of NDEU
  7. Melvyn Young: Deputy National Coordinator Domestic Extremism
  8. Ronnie Liddle was ACPO ACC for Counter Terrorism
  9. Christopher Greany Detective Chief Superintendent (NDEU)
  10. Richard May: Detective Chief Inspector (NPOIU)
  11. David Hutcheson (now believed to work for the Met): Detective Inspector
  12. Ian Ackerley (now retired) ?
  13. Andy Robbins (currently head? of NDET): Detective Chief Inspector
  14. John Parkinson (West Yorkshire constabulary, then counter-terrorism etc): Acting Assistant Chief Constable
  15. ? Bateman (assumed to be Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Inspector
  16. ? Nightingale (assumed to be Nottinghamsire Constabulary): Detective Chief Inspector
  17. ? Hedley (NDET): Detective Inspector
  18. Adrian Pearson (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Superintendent
  19. Andrew Roberts (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Inspector
  20. Nigel Malik (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Constable
  21. Manjeet Matharu (‘Civilian Investigator’, Nottinghamshire Constabulary)
  22. Mark Zajac (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Constable
  23. Neil James (retired): Detective Chief Superintendent
  24. ? Wilson: Detective Superintendent
  25. ? Pavey:Assistant Chief Constable
  26. Phil Trendle (British Transport Police): Superintendent
  27.  ? Flood: Chief Inspector
  28.  ? Trimble (believed assigned to Special Branch): Detective Sergeant
  29. Colin? Sampson: Assistant Chief Constable
  30. ? Young: Detective Superintendent
  31. ? Mitchell: Chief Superintendent (NPOIU)
  32. Maria Smith (Detective Superintendent): NPOIU
  33. John Parkinson: Acting ACC

Total number identified: 22 UCOs, supervisors: 33; all-in total: 55.

C. Submissions made by UCOs who intend to attend Inquiry (via their code names):

D. Other UCOs listed as CPs (but no submissions)

  • N23: no submission
  • N28: no submission
  • N3541: no submission
  • N5: no submission
  • N57: no submission

E. Total UCOs listed in Inquiry:

14 UCOs –  8 less than UCOs identified; no supervisors listed as CP.  (Here is a list of all Core Participants.)

E. Other submissions by state bodies

F. See also…

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