1000 Turkish troops cross Syrian border; documents of ISIS oil sales discovered


There are reports that Turkish armoured vehicles have crossed the border into Syria and that around 1000 Turkish troops have also crossed the border – details below. At the same time Kurdish militias battling ISIS and pro-Turkish terrorists have come upon documents that show the number of barrels produced by each oil well under ISIS control, the number of barrels of oil sold and the selling price of each barrel. All sales are to Turkey (see images above and below).

(Sources: ANHA news agency and DIHA news agency.)

Military vehicles of the Turkish army crossed into Rojava (Kurdistan) near Efrîn. According to one report dozens of Turkish military vehicles advanced 200 metres into Rojava to Meydan Ekbise village, near Efrîn. Turkish troops have also begun digging a trench between Meydan Ekbise and Sorkar. Turkish military’s construction of a wall in the area continues.

There are also reports that Turkish troops entered Syrian territory through the Jarablus border crossing on Tuesday evening. Turkish military vehicles and heavy equipment accompanied a mine detection and removal device. After crossing the border, Turkish soldiers moved westwards within the Syrian territory. ISIS gangs in the area were reportedly unresponsive to the activity of the Turkish soldiers. Around 1000 Turkish soldiers have now been deployed on Syrian land, close to the border.

Meanwhile, Turkish fighter jets are circling the Kurdish city of Amed. Nearly 200 people including wounded civilians and babies are trapped in basements across the Sur district of Amed (Diyarbakir) in Kurdistan. The siege has been going on for 78 days, with men, women and children trapped. According to a reporter there: “The situation is bad. We are in a basement together, with families. A massacre similar to Cizre could take place here very soon. Heavy clashes are going on, and the area where we are is being bombed intensely by mortar and tank strikes. They (state forces) are making announcements, saying “We will conduct airstrikes and kill you all””.

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2 Responses to 1000 Turkish troops cross Syrian border; documents of ISIS oil sales discovered

  1. Mike Hamblet says:

    So USA and Russia, the biggest bullies in the playground, can you keep the lid on these foolish war-mongering states who think you’re going to support them? Lets face it – no ones in control – you’re all insane.


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