Turkish PM threatens to crush YPG/J; Turkey bombs YPG HQ; Chomsky interview


After his meeting with US vice-president Biden, Turkey’s prime minister Davutoğlu has threatened to deal militarily with YPG/J, the main ground force fighting ISIS. Davutoğlu made it clear that the Turkish state regards the YPG/J as equivalent to the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), with which it is at war since the ending of the cease-fire. Currently Turkey has besieged scores of Kurdish towns and cities across Northern Kurdistan (affecting nearly 1.5 million people) and has killed dozens of Kurds (see list below) as part of its ethnic cleansing programme. Turkey, of course, is no stranger to genocide, having been responsible for the genocide of 1.5 millions Armenians. Now, according to Davutoğl, Turkey is prepared to invade Syrian territory to crush the Kurds who are fighting ISIS. Meanwhile news has come in that Turkey has bombarded YPG headquarters in Tel Abyad (Update #1), Amnesty Internatioal has released a report condemning Turkey’s attacks on Kurds (Update #2) and Noam Chomsky has described president Erdogan’s assaults on the Kurdish community as ‘murder’ (Update #3).

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UPDATE 1: News has emerged how last Tuesday evening the Turkish army fired artillery shells at the headquarters of the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the city of Tel Abyad, just over the border in Syria. There were several casualties and armoured vehicles were destroyed. Tel Abyad had been captured by the YPG from ISIS last June. Wheat silos were also bombarded by Turkish tank deployments. (Interestingly, the Turkish military never attacked the town when ISIS controlled it. Also, according to one report more than a thousand Turkish soldiers are now deployed in Syrian territory, with no resistance offered by ISIS.)

UPDATE 2: “Amnesty International calls on the Turkish government to end the indefinite curfews in Kurdish neighbourhoods across east and south-east Turkey. For several months, Amnesty International has been urging the government to end disproportionate restrictions on movement, including round-the-clock curfews, and other arbitrary measures which have left residents without access to emergency health care, food, water and electricity for extended periods. The draconian restrictions imposed during indefinite curfews, some of which have been in place for over a month, increasingly resemble collective punishment, and must end.” Full report (dated 21 January 2016).

UPDATE 3: Interview with Noam Chomsky (calls Turkish president Erdogan a murderer):

Back to main story…

Turkish PM Davutoğlu – who, with media help, exploited his meeting with Biden to consolidate Turkey’s opposition to Kurds (see image below) – said that “Turkey reserves the right to strike YPG in northern Syria just like it strikes PKK terror organization’s headquarters in northern Iraq’s Qandil Mountains if it considers YPG’s actions as a threat”.

Note… It has been estimated that close to 200 civilian Kurds have been killed by Turkish state forces since August of last year.


1000’s of Kurds march to #Cizre where the Turkish forces continue killing civilians.

Civilians murdered by Turkish state:

Here courtesy of @syndicalisms are the names of 83 Kurds killed by Turkish state forces since the beginning of January 2016…





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