Report: Transfield lied & Australian Govt colluded, putting refugee children on Nauru at risk


The Doogan Report – published seven months ago, but only just been released – unequivocally shows that the Australian Government colluded in the false accusations made against Save the Children employees who, it had been claimed, had encouraged asylum-seekers on Nauru to exaggerate their experiences of abuse. Central to this fabrication was Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services), which manages the detention facilities on the island state. In other words, the Australian Government and its contractor deceived the Australian public on these matters and in doing so put children’s lives at risk. Those children – indeed, all those detained in this barbaric facility – should be liberated immediately and financially compensated. In addition, an apology and financial compensation should be paid to those Save the Children employees who were removed from the island and sacked as a result of the lies made against them. Finally, all those in Government who were party to this cover-up should resign and the Broadspectrum contract should be terminated forthwith.

Here is the Doogan Report.

On 3 October 2014, as asylum seekers on Nauru continued to protest against their detention and the Australian government’s asylum policies, a Daily Telegraph story quoted a leaked internal intelligence briefing that reportedly claimed how Save the Children staff had fabricated stories of abuse of asylum seekers and encouraged self-harm to “achieve evacuations to Australia”.

This story was entirely without foundation.

Only days before Transfield Services had provided several reports – lies – to the Australian Government, as follows…

“Asylum-seekers (AS) involved in the ongoing protests at NRPC will attempt to draw reactions from Service Providers and DISB staff to enhance the media effect and embarrass the Australian Minister for Immigration” (29/09/2014)

“…it is considered certain there is a concerted effort on the part of Asulum-seekers and Refugees, with assistance rendered from some advocacy and human rights groups in Australia, to bring adverse attention to ongoing operations in Nauru around the processing of Asylum Seekers and the resettlement of refugees… It is probable that there are SCA staff engaged in this effort in a facilitative role on Nauru… It is considered probable that refugee advocates and some service providers are engaged with Asylum Seekers and Refugees to manufacture situations where “evidence” can be obtained of the unsuitability of Nauru for the processing and resettlement… it is probable there is a degree of internal and external coaching, and encouragement, to achiebe evacuation to Australia through self-harm actions.” (30/9/2014)

Two days later the Australian Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, ordered all Save the Children Australia employees be removed from Nauru. (Currently there are no no non-profit organisations on the island.)

The Doogan Report also relates how in July 2014, Wilson Security, which was sub-contracted to Transfiekd Services, accused five SCA staff of ‘encouraging protests’. A subsequent investigation found that these allegations were untrue.

The heavily redacted Doogan Report concludes that there was no evidence of any wrong-doing by SCA employees and that those employees should now be finanicially compensated for their wrongful dismissal.

Several of those Save the Children Australia (SCA) employees who were sacked subsequently provided evidence to a 2015 Senate Inquiry into abuse at the Nauru facility – see links below to see these shocking testimonies.


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