Kurd village bombed – not by ISIS, but Turkey

The Kurdish village of Zargali (Zargale or Zergale) in north Iraq was bombed earlier today – not by ISIS, but by Turkey. At least 9 people – all civilians – are confirmed dead and 18 injured. Zargali village is in Rawanduz district, which is on the outskirts of the Qandil Mountains.

Also, the Hurriyet Daily News reported via an intelligence source that on Friday 30 F-16 Turkish warplanes shelled 130 targets in the Qandil Mountains both inside Turkey and in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

At least 260 members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have been killed during Turkey’s week-long campaign against the group within the country and in northern Iraq. At least 400 members of the PKK have also been injured.

Dead child in bombing raid by Turkey on Zargali

It’s also reported that the Turkish military is not bombing ISIS-held areas in Syria’s Euphrates valley, where the Sunni militant group is fighting the Kurdish YPG militias – the armed wing of Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party, which is an affiliate of the PKK.

Meanwhile, the U.S. — which counts Turkey as a key regional ally in its fight against ISIS – is providing air support to the YPG fighters in Syria, even as the White House continues to maintain that the PKK is a terrorist organization.

More images of the casualties inflicted  by Turkey on the village here. (Warning: very graphic.)

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