Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: missing files resurface – we fill in the gaps

Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Leon Brittan & Sir Peter Hayman: all named in latest document

Yesterday the UK Government revealed a document (see link below) that showed that files pertaining to allegations of child sex abuse have resurfaced after many believed they had been destroyed. These files are referred to in correspondence with Sir Peter Wanless, who chaired an Inquiry into certain aspects of these allegations. That all the establishment figures named in the files are dead may explain why it has taken so long for them to be ‘discovered’. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has made it clear that although the files reference child sex abuse at the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, Kincora will remain excluded from the Goddard Inquiry into historic child sex abuse. What is particularly interesting about the document as a whole is that by releasing it the Government finally admits that the allegations made against the establishment figures should be taken seriously. Below, we compare the files referred to in the document to the research UndercoverInfo has already published on the infamous missing files; we also analyse the document in relation to the research that we have already published on the establishment figures named. In short, the dots are joined up…

The five establishment figures named in the document are Sir Peter Hayman (UK High Commissioner to Canada and a senior figure in MI6), Sir Leon Brittan (Home Secretary), Sir Peter Morrison (close aide and adviser to prime minister Margaret Thatcher), Sir Maurice Oldfield (Head of MI5) and Sir William van Straubenzee (MP). All served in their different capacities under the Thatcher administration.

A. The document

Here is the full document (pdf) released yesterday and which includes the above names as well as correspondence to Sir Peter Wanless (chief executive of the NSPCC) and Richard Whitton QC.

In the document, a statement by Wanless and Whitton quotes MI5 boss Sir Antony Duff, who in 1986 revealed that two sources had accused an MP of child abuse – namely that he ”has a penchant for small boys”. However, Duff told Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong that he accepted the MP’s denials of this allegation, adding (poignantly): “At the present stage… the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger.”

That statement possibly sums up the entire 40 year cover-up of the Westminster/VIP child sex abuse scandal.

Incidentally, according to The Times, the person referred to as an MP who had a ‘penchant for small boys’ (and who was protected by MI5) was Sir Peter Morrison.

The document goes on to quote extensively from a February 2015 statement by Theresa May in which she reports on how several ‘missing’ files (regarding the Westminster child sex abuse) had been found and handed to Judge Lowell Goddard, as well as to Mr Wanless and Mr Whitton.

In another letter, dated 5 May 2015, from Richard Heaton (Permanent Secretary and First Parliamentary Counsel) to Messrs Wanless & Whittam, reference is made to certain files not previously made available but which were shown to both Wanless and Whitton earlier in February and in March 2015. These files come under three categories – quotes from letter:

  • “The first is the PREM file about Sir Peter Hayman..”
  • “[The] second, a PREM file about Sir William van Straubenzee was identified in late January 2015… On review my team noted that the file contained references to the Kincora Boys’ Home..”
  • “The final group of papers about Peter Morrison, Leon Brittan, Peter Hayman, William van Straubenzee and Colin Wallace’s allegations about Kincora were found in a separate Cabinet Office store of assorted and unstructured papers..”

The letter goes on to say:

“In finding some other papers about Hayman we also found papers about van Straubenzee, Brittan and Morrison… we created a full catalogue of the collection, deploying a special team for this task. As a result, Roger was able to show you some other papers that largely related to Morrison, Brittan, Hayman, and Maurice Oldfield.”

(Note: Colin Wallace is a former British Army intelligence officer who served in Northern Ireland and was the first to expose the wrong-doings at the Kincora Boys Home.)

In short, the serious allegations against each of those named above had been known about for several decades.

B. Files previously listed as lost/disappeared:

The document then provides some tables that describe the files found – see images below:

Two of the files are marked as clearly having been lodged with the Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher). UndercoverInfo has previously published details on Thatcher’s role in the cover-up.

In another article we related how Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe claimed he provided 40 pages of evidence about Cabinet members abusing under-age boys to Thatcher and that Sir Keith Joseph, Sir Rhodes Boyson, Dr Alastair Smith and Sir Michael Havers were involved. Gilberthorpe also claimed he supplied under-age “rent boys” for private sex parties at Tory conferences and that he was willing to testify to this at any inquiry.

One of the files in the newly released document – the file relating to Sir Peter Hayman – was described as being about “unnatural sexual proclivities”

Screenshot from 2015-07-23 10:38:28

Screenshot from 2015-07-23 10:39:30

UndercoverInfo has previously reported on the issue of the missing files. We discovered and published a 23 page archived Government internal document that included a reference to all 114 ‘missing’ files. That same document showed that a staggering 2,074 files on alleged child sex abuse by establishment figures, covering the period 1979-1999, were destroyed.

In other words, the recently discovered files are merely the tip of the iceberg: scores, if not hundreds, more are waiting to be ‘discovered’.

C. UndercoverInfo research on individuals named

The following summaries are extracted from previous articles published by UndercoverInfo

1. Sir Peter Hayman:

We published a number of articles on the alleged child sex abuse activities of Sir Peter Hayman. The most comprehensive account is given here.

2. Sir Maurice Oldfield:

It has been claimed that MI5 used the Kincora Boys’ Home (Northern Ireland) as a blackmailers lever. Also, the former head of Britain’s MI5, Sir Maurice Oldfield, was reportedly observed by his Special Branch guards making use of boys from Kincora; and that he ‘shared’ boys with Sir Anthony Blunt, several bishops and an archbishop. An ex-MI5 informant says that MI5 knew about child abuse at Kincora and did nothing about it.

3. Sir Leon Brittan:

Brittan was named as an attendee at the notorious Elm Guest House by its late owner (Brittan’s Elm Guest House nickname was ‘Roger’). There was also a claim by a former Scotland Yard police officer that the police had photographed Brittan during a raid on a premises where boys were being abused, but that the matter was not taken further.

It was Brittan who claimed to have lost over 114 files of evidence and allegations relating to child sex abuse at Dolphin Square (London) and Elm Guest House.

Abuse victim ‘Nick’ provided evidence to Operation Midland that the government minister who witnessed one of the boys murdered at Dolphin Square was Brittan.

4. Kincora

We have published several articles on Kincora – the most comprehensive are here and here.

At least one boy who was sexually abused at the Kincora Boys Home was also abused as part of the VIP paedophile ring in London. One such boy, who decided to go public on this, is Richard Kerr, who was abused at Kincora and later similarly abused in London by VIPs  at the infamous flat at the Dolphin Square complex where many MPs had accommodation.

Mr Kerr was interviewed by Channel 4 News and he related how the police had threatened him, put him in a police cell and made it clear that there would be dire consequences if he talked about the abuse. Mr Kerr added that he felt it was important he now tell everything, particularly as two other abused boys at Kincora subsequently committed suicide.

Given the Kincora-London connection, it is logical that the Kincora Boys Home inquiry should be included in the UK-wide inquiry by Justice Goddard. Failing that, all the evidence collected at Stormont should be given to the Goddard Inquiry.

D. The Exaro allegations

How do these files relate to the allegations recently published by Exaro?

Exaro, an online investigative research news agency, has extensively published on these matters. Recently it included reports on the Kincora Boys Home scandal and the allegations made by Mr Kerr.

According to Mr Kerr, among those who were part of the cover-up linked to Kincora were:

  • Lord Mountbatten, a cousin of the Queen, great-uncle to Prince Charles, chief of the defence staff from 1959 to 1965 and who was murdered by the IRA in 1979;
  • Sir Maurice Oldfield, director of MI6;
  • Sir Anthony Blunt, master of the Queen’s pictures, a former officer in MI5 and who became a Russian spy;
  • Sir Knox Cunningham, Unionist/Ulster Unionist MP, parliamentary private secretary to Harold Macmillan as prime minister, and a member of the Conservative party’s national executive committee 1959-66.

Mr Kerr also told Exaro that he was sexually abused by the following persons:

It should be noted that Mountbatten is also believed to have visited Kincora.

Mr Kerr also told a “60 Minutes” TV (Australia) investigation that he walked in on a meeting at Kincora between Maurice Oldfield (MI5) and Joseph Mains (who helped to run the home). Mains was subsequently jailed for six years for sexual offences against boys. Mr Kerr did not know who Oldfield was and does not suggest that he abused Kincora boys. Mr Kerr further told the TV team that he recognised Anthony Blunt from his time at Kincora as one of a group of three men who abused boys (the other two men sexually abused him, he says, although Blunt did not). Blunt is also alleged to have visited Elm Guest House.

According to Exaro, Mr Kerr also identified Knox Cunningham (who helped fund Tara, a paramilitary-style group of Protestants and whose leader, William McGrath, a house master at Kincora and allegedly an MI5 agent, was jailed for four years for sexually assaulting boys at the children’s home).

Another witness whom Exaro interviewed was ‘Nick’, who claims he was treated sadistically at the notorious Dolphin Square flat in London and that he saw one boy strangled by a Conservative MP, that he knew of another murder of a boy which took place in front of a Conservative government minister (he has since told Operation Midland police that this was, allegedly, Sir Leon Brittan) and that a third boy was killed after he had been deliberately run over by a car. ‘Nick’ also claimed that there were three Tory MPs at the Dolphin Square parties, as well as Sir Peter Hayman.

Finally… see our compilation of related articles: Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: docs, cover-up, videos – the works!

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