Police doc reports on ‘Prevent’ programme aimed at nursery school teachers

Police in London include activists from the city’s Occupy protests with al-Qaida and the IRA in a presentation given to prepare nursery and primary school staff for potential terrorist attacks on the UK. The presentation was obtained by the Guardian and is part of a City of London police programme called Project Fawn. The presentation refers to “xrw” and “xlw” for extreme left and right wing, as well as single issue groups, animal rights organisations and anti-capitalist groups. UndercoverInfo has obtained a copy of a City of London Police document on community engagement that reports on a number of initiatives, including Project Fawn, which is part of the wider Prevent programme – one of the four strands of the Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy.

The police clearly believe that Occupy and protests groups generally are a threat; also that in their view it is important to raise awareness of such a threat to nursery school children and infants via their teachers.

The document:

Here is what the document says about Project Fawn (section 43):

A number of Workshops to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) have been delivered to businesses, education establishments and Corporation departments by the Prevent Engagement officers in the last quarter. The Conviction presentation continues to be delivered at the Griffin Workshop on the first Thursday of each month

A WRAP session was delivered at Project Fawn to nursery staff based in the City of London. The team have been working with their Senior Management Team who are expected to assess the risk of pupils being drawn into terrorism, including support for the extremist ideas that are part of terrorist ideology.

Prevent awareness training has been organised for representatives who work in a safeguarding role from a number of businesses within the City. Having a variety of different businesses in attendance allowed organisations and companies to be able to send relevant staff to the training without having to abstract too many employees at the same time. The feedback was very positive and it is planned to run more of these training sessions in the near future.

Prior to the implementation of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act the team have been working with and supporting the Corporation in order to assist them in complying with their duty under the Act.

There is deep concern for the families that have been torn apart by fear when their loved ones are enticed into travelling to Syria and joining terrorist groups there.

The Prevent Engagement Team in partnership with the Children’s Social Services arranged a bespoke Prevent workshop specially aimed at preventing young Muslims from travelling to Syria. The workshop took place on Saturday

21st March. The workshop highlighted the need to talk openly about these risks that are posed to our young people, and to work together to protect them. The majority of participants were mothers from the Muslim Community. They were made aware that should they feel uncomfortable speaking to the police direct about their concerns, there are other people who are trained and able to provide practical help and advice. The Children’s Social Services team and the City of London can be contacted should they have concerns.

The Prevent Team were involved in the official City of London Police launch of #WeStandTogether on 30th March 2015. We Stand Together is about promoting trust, integration and cohesion within communities, and police forces across the UK are promoting the message. The Campaign has been launched as a result of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Denmark, which has increased tension in some communities in the UK. The essence is to bring people together to promote cohesion amongst all community groups, especially those fearful of future attacks or hate campaigners.

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