Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: docs, cover-up, videos – the works!


Below is a compilation, in reverse chronological order, of the main research articles UndercoverInfo has published over the last nine months covering the child sex abuse scandals in the UK. These were mostly about the VIP/Westminster scandals, the Kincora (N Ireland) scandal, and the wider cover-up by the British establishment. We also include the three videos (parts 1, 2 and 3) of the ’60 Minutes’ Channel Nine (Australian TV) special that was produced in collaboration with Exaro News.

‘261 VIPs’ child sex abuse: cover-up equals conspiracy to pervert course of justice posted on 29 May 2015

For over thirty years the police, politicians, council bureaucrats and the higher echelons of the British establishment conspired to conceal the truth about the widespread sexual abuse of children across the UK including by VIPs and MPs. Recently, inquiries have … Continue reading

‘Missing’ 114 child sex abuse files: Janner doc identified; abuse was widespread, posted on 26 April 2015.

The ‘missing’ Greville Janner file that included questions about child sex abuse has been identified from a 23 page archived Government document. This document (see image above) includes all 114 ‘missing’ files and states that the Janner file was … Continue reading

Lord Janner argues dementia no bar to prosecution; original Inquiry docs here, posted on 19 April 2015.

Lord Janner, whom the CPS wanted to prosecute for child sex abuse but decided not to because he was suffering from dementia, was himself a vigorous advocate (see extract from Jewish Chronicle article above) of prosecutions taking place against an … Continue reading

Janner child sex abuse allegations: legal failures presage alternatives to prosecution/inquiries, posted on 17 April 2015.

Yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) made it clear in a statement that it, together with previous police investigations, had failed in its prosecution of Lord Greville Janner, against whom the CPS had in its possession substantial evidence of child … Continue reading

Kincora – Westminster child sex abuse scandals: the links exposed  posted on 7 April 2015.

Today Britain’s Channel 4 News ran a story on Richard Kerr, who was a victim of child sex abuse at the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland and was also taken to London where he was trafficked as part … Continue reading

VIP/Westminster child sex abuse: (historical) interview with whistleblower posted on 5 April 2015.

The above interview by anti-child abuse activist and filmmaker Bill Maloney with Chris Fay, a former national adult advisor to NAYPIC (National Association of Young People In Care), about the notorious Elm Guest House and the many questions that remain … Continue reading

The biggest UK establishment scandal since Profumo: the dam has started to crack…  posted on 30 March 2015.

While the Profumo Affair (see end of article for details) was a sex scandal of the early 1960s that implicated the Minister of War and led to the downfall of the Macmillan Government, that is nothing compared to the sex … Continue reading

Westminster child sex abuse: the cover-up laid bare posted on 21 March 2015.

They thought they were untouchable because they were celebrities or MPs or ministers of government or other pillars of the establishment. And if the police got too nosey they could be shut up with threats by spooks of the … Continue reading

Harvey Proctor and Cliff Richard child sex abuse raids: the ‘evidence’ that links them, posted on 8 March 2015.

Last Thursday, the day after his home was searched by ‘Operation Midland’ police, who are investigating allegations of child sex abuse involving MPs and VIPs at two London venues and the alleged murder of three boys, disgraced former Tory MP … Continue reading

Kincora boys’ home sex abuse scandal: documents and key players  posted on 23 February 2015

Last week it was announced that former residents of the notorious Kincora Boys’ Home, northern Ireland, where sexual abuse took place, will be allowed to challenge a decision to exclude inquiries about the scandal from the UK-wide inquiry led by … Continue reading

UK Government document confirms over 2,000 child sex abuse files destroyed  posted on 3 February 2015

Today a 37 page file regarding the central role that the late British PM Margaret Thatcher and the late Attorney-General Sir Michael Havers played in the cover-up of the sexual – including possible paedophile – activities of Sir Peter Hayman … Continue reading

Westminster child abuse inquiry link to Prince Andrew paedophile associate, posted on 5 January 2015.

Over the last couple of days newspapers and the blogosphere have been awash with stories about the civil suit in the USA that includes an allegation that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, had sex with a teenage girl – … Continue reading

Police lose files in murder case linked to 1980s child sex exploitation scandal, posted on 22 November 2014.

In another twist to a major investigation into a 1980s child sex abuse scandal, in which it alleged that senior establishment figures were involved, it has been revealed that documents relating to the 1981 murder of a boy – … Continue reading

Special Branch, the Tory politicians and a second child sex-abuse cover-up posted on 14 November 2014

Don Hale (investigative journalist) The British Government is expert at hiding the truth by utilising a tried and tested method of instigating an inquiry that is headed by a well-meaning sort, that takes ages to report back and when it … Continue reading



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