#choppergate: deleted webpages & complete metadata restored; expenses listed

The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, says that Bronwyn Bishop admitted an “error of judgment” in making a $5,000 travel claim for a helicopter charter to attend a Liberal party fundraiser, but insisted that she would not be stepping down as Speaker while the Department of Finance investigation takes place. With regard to this so-called #choppergate affair, we thought it only right to restore two deleted April 2012 webpages by the Liberal Party relating to the Slipper Affair, which the Liberal Party believes is of a similar nature (though involved less expenses). Below (section 2a) we provide links to the deleted pages in full, an image shot of part of the first part of that page, and a document of the entire metadata of that page (captured and released under the Peoples Data Retention Act). we also include (section 1) a copy of Ms. Bishop’s expenses summary for the period 2012-14.

Note: the Australian Federal police said on Friday night that the Finance Department would be conducting the initial investigation into the affair and would decide on further action, including whether a criminal investigation should take place, under the Minchin Protocol. Whatever the outcomde of that investigation, on pure ethical grounds Ms Bishop should stand down.

1. Ms. Bishop’s expenses

Screenshot from 2015-07-18 18:45:55

Screenshot from 2015-07-18 18:45:23

Screenshot from 2015-07-18 18:44:55

2. The deleted webpage (link, image and metadata)

a) Entire deleted webpages (including clickable links) here and here.

b) Entire metadata file here.

c) Image of first part of the deleted webpage (restored):

Screenshot from 2015-07-19 13:16:10

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2 Responses to #choppergate: deleted webpages & complete metadata restored; expenses listed

    • It could be even more mind-blowing if someone totted up the sum total of Bronny’s expenses since she came into Parliament in — when was it –1994? I’ll give it a try from DOF public records, but it may take some time!\


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