‘261 VIPs’ child sex abuse: cover-up equals conspiracy to pervert course of justice

For over thirty years the police, politicians, council bureaucrats and the higher echelons of the British establishment conspired to conceal the truth about the widespread sexual abuse of children across the UK including by VIPs and MPs. Recently, inquiries have been set up, disbanded and set up again and several police operations organised, resulting in a handful of convictions of famous people in the entertainment world. So when police from Operation Hydrant stated that they would not be releasing the names of the 261 VIPs, including politicians dead or alive, whom they believe are child sex abusers, suspicions arose of yet more prevarication and lengthy delays. This reticence by the police is akin to sticking a finger in the hole of a dam about to burst, given that many of these names have already been widely publicised (see video above, another video at end of article). And let’s not forget that the evidence, let alone allegations of these crimes, would have remained beyond reach had it not been for the dogged determination of certain journalists and politicians, let alone those victims of abuse forced to tell their stories. The issue now is not just about who the alleged perpetrators are, or the institutions involved, but the cover-up itself and those guilty of perverting the course of justice. Action, not numbers, is required.

UPDATE on Vishal Mehrotra case: Sussex Police has referred its murder probe to the IPCC

1. A transcript of the notes made by social workers who interviewed the owner of Elm Guest House before she died can be found here.
2. See Appendix 1 at end of article that provides more names of perpetrators, as well as Appendix 2 for a Government document that lists the metadata of all 114 ‘missing’ files (relating to Westminster/VIP child sex abuse).
3. Links to the timeline of the cover-up are provided at the end of the article.

1. Operation Hydrant

Earlier this month police from Operation Hydrant released a statement listing numbers of people and institutions under investigation for child sex abuse. The remit of Operation Hydrant is to “oversee the investigation of allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse within institutions or by people of public prominence”. The Operation Hydrant statement, issued via the NPCC, added that “No force-by-force breakdown of Hydrant figures will be made available and no names of suspects on the Hydrant system will be released.”

However, names of VIPs and politicians have been widely available for some time and many are directly associated with the alleged abuse that occurred at Elm Guest House (and at an apartment in Dolphin Square). These names were provided by the owner of the guest house before she died (see video of names at end of this article). The names have also been compiled in the above video by Anonymous. Of course, some of the persons named as visiting or staying at the guest house may have had a perfectly plausible explanation for doing so and would be happy to offer such an explanation.

The Operation Hydrant statement goes on to say.. “Police forces are currently notifying Operation Hydrant of all active cases fitting this criteria. Hydrant staff are then identifying links between investigations and preventing duplication between forces. They do not have any control over the investigations themselves. Since the establishment of the Goddard Panel Enquiry, officers and staff from Operation Hydrant have also been working closely with the Panel Secretariat acting as the interface with the police service. Working relationships are well established and there is a constant flow of information between the secretariat and Hydrant staff.”

Altogether Operation Hydrant received reports of:

  • 1433 suspects of which 216 are deceased
  • 666 suspects are related to institutions
  • 261 are classified as people of public prominence
  • 506 are classified as unidentified
  • 357 institutions have been identified within the scope of the operation.

Breakdown of figures:

  • The total number of nominals (individually identified alleged offenders) on the system is 1433, of which 216 are deceased
  • Of these, 666 are alleged offenders in institutions
  • 506 are classified as unknown or unidentified
  • 261 are classified as persons of public prominence – of these:
    • 135 come from the world of TV, film or radio
    • 76 are listed as politicians – it should be noted that these include local-level politicians, not just national figures
    • 43 are from the music industry
    • 7 are from the world of sport
  • 357 different institutions have been identified on our system – these include:
    • 154 schools,
    • 75 children’s homes,
    • 40 religious institutions,
    • 14 medical establishments
    • 11 are classified as being institutions in communities – youth clubs, community centres etc.
    • 9 Prisons or Young Offenders Institutions
    • 9 sports venues
    • 28 other institutions (i.e. military, guest houses) In addition, 17 institutions are classified as ‘unknown’.

So how do the figures for VIPs relate to what has long been available in the public domain…?

2. Westminster/VIP child sex abuse

(Note: the following is an extract from an article published by UndercoverInfo on 21/03/15.)

Between 1979 and 1982 Elm Guest House was owned and run by Carole Kasir and her husband Haroon. The idea to turn Elm Guest House into a ‘gay guest house’ originally came from a regular guest staying there – Barry Haddon (he was a frequent attendee at the guest house with a fiend, Terry Dwyer). Haddon was a pimp and pornographer and Dwyer a small time pornographer and police informer as well as a paedophile. Both Dwyer and Haddon were involved in supplying boys to a variety of clients, including MPs, local councillors and VIPs. Some of the boys supplied by Haddon and Dwyer were as young as 8 years old. Dwyer supplied boys from run-down estates in Battersea, such as the Patmore Estate and the Doddington. A second house in the London borough of Richmond was identified as the venue where children in care of the borough were allegedly taken to en route to Elm Guest House: this property was in Avondale Road, Mortlake. Haddon also supplied boys from Council care homes, such as Grafton Close.

Haddon and Dwyer were later convicted for their part in supplying boys, allegedly to Harvey Proctor and others. In May 1983 the Kasirs were convicted of “keeping a disorderly house”, but given a suspended gaol sentence. In 1987 Harvey Proctor was convicted and fined for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys and was forced to resign as an MP. In 1990 Carol Kasir was found dead, ostensibly by an overdose.

Before Carol Kasir died she was interviewed by two social workers – Mary Moss and Chris Fay – and provided evidence about which VIPs, Whitehall and defence officials, Tory MPs (and police officers) had stayed at or visited the guest house.

Those named in the notes as allegeded regular visitors to the Elm Guest House include Sir Jimmy Savile (celebrity), Sir Cyril Smith (Liberal Party MP and nicknamed Mr Tubby), Sir Nicholas Fairburn (Tory MP and Solicitor-General for Scotland), Leon Brittan (MP, Home Secretary and nicknamed Roger), Harvey Proctor (former MO and nicknamed ‘Jensen’), Colin Jordan (leader of the National Front and nicknamed Mr Nasty), Sir Anthony Blunt (disgraced MI6 spy and nicknamed Anthony Goldstein,), Peter Brook (Life Peer), Sir Cliff Richard (pop star), Sir Peter Bottomley (Tory MP), Louis Minster (Director of Social Services, Richmond CC), George Tremlett (GLC leader), Colin Peters QC, Donald Naismith (Director of Education Wandsworth), Harry Hall (Leader Wandsworth Council), named MI5 agents and several named police officers. The documents also claim that child sex abuse pimps organised ‘events’ for the far-right Tory Monday Club.

Elm Guest House VIP list.

Elm Guest House VIP list.

Given that the Elm Guest House list includes names of police officers, it is not surprising that the investigation into what happened at there was left incomplete for more than thirty years.

There is also the matter of the abuse that took place at Dolphin Square…

3. Dolphin Square

(Note: the following is an extract from an article published by UndercoverInfo on 21/03/15.)

It is believed that a flat at the Dolphin Square complex (and possibly at Elm Guest House too) was the venue where three children were murdered: one boy was strangled by a Conservative MP, a second was murdered by two men and was witnessed by another Conservative MP, and a third was deliberately run over by a car.

One witness was ‘Nick’, who was treated sadistically at the Dolphin Square flat and claims he saw one boy strangled by a Conservative MP, that he knew of another murder of a boy which took place in front of a Conservative government minister (he has since told Operation Midland police that this was, allegedly, Leon Brittan) and that a third boy was killed after he had been deliberately run over by a car. ‘Nick’ claimed that there were three Tory MPs at the Dolphin Square parties, as well as Sir Peter Hayman (former deputy director of MI6). ‘Nick’ has called for other witnesses (victims) to come forward to give corroborating evidence to what happened at Dolphin Square and at a holding flat in Pimlico.

Another witness, “Darren”, identified Peter Righton (founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange) as the person who would traffick victims, organise affairs at the Dolphin Square flat and was himself an abuser. “Darren” also claims that Righton buried one of the murdered children at a secluded country estate, Thornham Magna, which he used as a bolthole. “Darren” claims many Tory MPs would be present at the Dolphin Square abuse ‘parties’. There was also a claim that a young girl was murdered at the Dolphin Square flat.

Documents relating to the 1981 murder of a fourth boy – who was believed to have been abducted at or not far from the Elm Guest House, have also ‘disappeared’ or were destroyed. The murdered boy, Vishal Mehrota, was last seen in the Putney area of London, less than a mile from Elm House. Mr Mehrota, a retired magistrate and the father of the boy, later received a phone call from a man who stated that his son had been abducted by those involved with paedophile activities at the guest house. Mr Mehrota taped the call and passed it on to the police. However, the police told Mr Mehrota that the call was probably from a crank and no further action was taken. The man who called Mr Mehrota also told him that he had called the police with names of high-profile establishment figures – judges and at least three MPs, including the late Cyril Smith – who frequented the sex parties at the guest house. The upper torso of Mr. Mehrota’s son was later found in a wooded area in West Sussex. Vishal’s death is thought to be linked to those of Martin Allen, 15, and ­another case being probed under Operation Midland.

At the time it was thought that there were cases of twelve children murdered (and a further four abducted) but their bodies have never been found. Sidney Cooke, who organised a paedophile ring around the time of the Elm House sex parties, was eventually found guilty and imprisoned for the rape and murder of three boys – Jason Swift, 14, Barry Lewis, 6, and Mark Tildesley, 7.

4. The cover-up

But where did the cover-up begin…?

The ‘Westminster paedophile ring’ was first looked into as a result of a dossier presented by the late Labour cabinet minster, Baroness Barbara Castle. The dossier alleged that Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson, other MPs, senior policemen, head teachers and clergy were involved in the ring and that there were also “links to the royal household”.

After Castle had collated the dossier, she handed it to Don Hale, the respected editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger. Mr Hale later claimed that a “heavy mob” of Special Branch officers raided his office and confiscated the dossier a day after paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith had visited him to demand he bury the story.

Labour MP Geoffrey Dickens later presented the Castle dossier to Tory Cabinet minister Sir Leon Brittan (who later claimed it had been ‘lost’ by the Home Office).

Also, Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager, claimed that 10 to 40 prominent figures – including former MPs and government ministers – abused children “for decades” and that he discovered links between paedophiles and the government while assisting police in investigating convicted Peter Righton (see below). Some of the evidence provided by McKelvie and subsequently seized by police went as far back as the 1950s and 1960s.

Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe further claimed that he provided 40 pages of evidence about Cabinet members abusing underage boys to Margaret Thatcher and that Joseph, Boyson, Dr Alastair Smith and Sir Michael Havers were involved. (Havers was Attorney General 1979-87 and has been subject to a number of allegations, including that he helped to stop the Elm Guest House investigation (see below), tried to stop Sir Peter Hayman (see also Dolphin Square abuse, below) being named in Parliament by Geoffrey Dickens MP and tried to limit the inquiry into the Kincora boys home sex scandal.) In addition, Gilberthorpe claimed he supplied underage “rent boys” for private sex parties at Tory conferences and that he was willing to testify to this at any inquiry.

More recently the investigation moved up a gear when police were handed another dossier by MP John Mann, naming 22 individuals: these include six serving parliamentarians from an early dossier (three MPs and three members of the House of Lords), 14 Conservative politicians, 5 Labour politicians and 3 politicians from other parties. Again, two of the politicians named in this dossier are Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson.

Appendix 1: more names from the Elm Guest House list

Here are some additional names of well known persons who were included on the Elm Guest House list (as released by Moss and Fay):

Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, traitor, Russian spy deceased
Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedophile.
Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club.
Charles Irving
Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
Peter Brooke, Life Peer
John Rowe, MI5, former MP
Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
Ron Brown
Colin Jordan, Politician and author
George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell, Monday Club
Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
Cliff Richard, aged Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star
Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House
Richard Miles, Monday Club
Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile
R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
Terry Dwyer
Patrick Puddles
Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters, QC – a convicted paedophile sentenced to 8 years in 1989
Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker
Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedophile therapy
Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman

(See also video below.)

Appendix 2: the 114 “missing files”

As for the infamous 114 files ‘disappeared’ or destroyed, these were included in a much larger list, named in a Government internal file that shows over 2000 files recorded as ‘disappeared’ or missing.

A 23 page archived Government document includes details of all the 114 ‘missing’ files and lists the many MPs who raised questions about child sex abuse.

See also:

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