‘Missing’ 114 child sex abuse files: Janner doc identified; abuse was widespread

janner 1986

Extract of Government document showing precise name and number of Greville Janner ‘missing’ file

The ‘missing’ Greville Janner file regarding questions about child sex abuse has been identified from a 23 page archived Government document. This document (see image above) includes all 114 ‘missing’ files and states that the Janner file was code no. CRI 86 and entitled “PO37812/86 Greville Janner MP Re. Evidence in Child Abuse Cases”. The notes state that the file was ‘presumed transferred to the MOJ” [Ministry of Justice – i.e. to the DPP, who until June 1987 was Sir Michael Havers.]. The document lists the many MPs who raised questions about child sex abuse. What is clear, however, is that there were a significant number of child sex abuse cases – the files of which were all ‘lost’ or believed ‘missing’. A compilation of information from various sources – see below – shows that the child sex abuse that took place in Leicestershire (and which Janner is alleged to have been party) was rife. We present details of that abuse, as well as those employed by the Council who were subsequently convicted. Several reports into the Leicestershire child sex abuse cases – one marked ‘Confidential’ – are included at the end. 

During the Janner/Beck era, child abuse was rife in children’s homes in Leicestershire. At the trial of Frank Beck, Janner was accused of various acts of child sex abuse. Beck was sentenced to five life terms for sexual assaults against more than 100 children, including sexual and physical abuse, buggery, indecent assault and assault. Beck’s younger Deputy, Peter Jaynes, was also tried and jailed for three years for indecent assault and three other assaults. Colin Fiddaman was later revealed as a serial child abuser and who committed suicide in Amsterdam in 1991 before the trial. George Lincoln was also tried, but was found not guilty of one serious sexual offence and received a conditional discharge for assault against a child. Fiddaman also worked as a child protection officer for the NSPCC, a social worker for Warwickshire, Northamptonshire (at Highfields Childrens Centre) and Lincolnshire.

At least 200 children were abused by Beck and Fiddaman. Four went on to commit murders. One went to Ashworth special hospital. Another committed exactly the same abuse on his victim that was committed on him. Others went on to become rapists and serial arsonists. One inflicted a razor attack on a Birmingham nurse. One ran away from the Beeches Children’s Home to become a prostituted child in the West End.

Beck’s legal adviser was Bernard Greaves, a Liberal Party member who was on its National Executive. It was Greaves who warned Cyril Smith, the then Liberal Chief Whip, of Jeremy Thorpe’s private life and the risk he could bring to the Party. Greaves worked to keep the party’s name out of the papers.

The children’s homes involved with Beck were Ratcliffe Road, Leicester; The Poplars, Market Harborough; and The Beeches, Leicester Forest East.

A full set of reports by Ian Pace on the Frank Beck trial can be found in five parts – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

A. Janner allegations

During Operation Magnolia in 2002, another Leicestershire Police inquiry, residents of a care home made further allegations against Janner. The police, however, decided to take no action against Janner.

During Operation Dauntless in 2007, an individual made complaints about serious sexual assault against three people, including Janner, over incidents alleged to have taken place in 1981. The CPS ruled that there was insufficient evidence. Mick Creedon, now chief constable of Derbyshire police, but then a detective sergeant on the Beck case, later told the Times that he and his colleagues wanted to charge Janner but that senior officers ordered him to neither arrest Janner nor search his London flat.

As part of Operation Enamel, more than a dozen individuals made allegations to the police against Lord Janner.  Most of the complainants were residents in Leicestershire children’s homes between 1970 and the mid to late 1980s.

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B. Alleged victims of child sex abuse in Leicestershire children’s homes

  • Darren Bradshaw ran away from the Beeches, stole a car and died when it crashed.
  • Dale Elkington died of an AIDS related disease.
  • Andy Biggins died whilst sniffing glue on Braunstone Park.
  • Simon O’Donnell’s 13 year old body was found hanging from a light fitting at a GEC sports club, Whetstone, on 4th October 1977. He had been admitted to Ratcliffe Road children’s home, as no place could be found in a psychiatric unit.
  • Peter Bastin, aged 14, indecently assaulted a 10 year old boy and was referred to Beck at the Poplars children’s home in Market Harborough. Bastin spoke at the High Court in 1998 of his sex abuse by Fiddaman and Beck. When he was 18 he murdered 10 year old Aslam Ibrahim. Bastin fastened a towel round the boy’s neck – a technique used by Beck when raping boys – whilst he raped him. Bastin was sentenced to life for the murder in March 1979.
  • Barry Samuels was to become a big man in the criminal world of Leicester’s hardest inner city area of Highfields. Samuels had been abused by Beck in care at Ratcliffe Road Children’s home. He went on to beat up his wife and then hit his baby son, who later died. He was charged with the murder of his son, disclosed to police about his own abuse, but refused to make a formal statement to police, as it would have humiliated him. He hanged himself in prison before trial.

D. Other sex abuse perpetrators employed by Leicestershire CC

The sexual assaults at Leicestershire Children’s Homes in the 1970s and 1980s were not just confined to the Beck trial. The following people had already committed offences whilst working for Leicester Council…

  • Mr Davies, a Residential Care Officer at Woodlands Observation and Assessment Centre. In 1980 after an allegation of sexual interference with a child, he was arrested and resigned. He confessed to five offences, all with with boys at Woodlands, aged 13, 14 , 15. Three of the offences were at Woodlands and two took place at his home. He received 12 month imprisonment, but afterwards was re-employed by the council looking after the elderly.
  • Mr Bloxham was Deputy Officer in charge of Camden Road Childrens home. He was arrested in April 1981 and admitted offences against 5 girls. He then took his own life. No investigation was made.
  • Mr Scott was arrested and charged with sexual offences at Rosehill. He confessed to buggery and indecency with two boys, masturbation with a third. He was sentenced to 8 years jail.
  • Mr Dixon was employed at Ratcliffe Road children’s home. He had been found by children masturbating to a video and was redeployed to a different children’s home.
  • Mr Hunt, a part time voluntary worker at Woodlands Remand Centre, was convicted of three offences of indecent assault of teenage boys.
  • An unnamed Deputy Officer at Sileby Children’s Home was put on probation by the Courts for indecency against a 13 year old boy, not in care and outside of work. He later resigned.
  • John Moseling was convicted in 2001 of offences against minors committed in 1976 at the Ivydale Children’s Home. He transferred to the Ivydale Children’s Home in 1973 from the Poplars in Leicester, where he was Frank Beck’s predecessor.
  • Rod Ryall was Director of Social Services at Calderdale Social Services and was convicted of sexual abuse of boys in 1989. In Beck’s letters were copies of two to Ryall, commiserating with the level of his sentence.
  • Ken Scott was employed as a permanent officer in charge at Rosehill Children’s Home, Market Harborough. Beck was on the recruitment panel that appointed him. For seven years Scott abused boys in his care from aged 8 upwards, and gave them money for videoing them. Scott was found out when a boy from Holts Children’s home burgled Scott’s home to get the photographs and videos.  After Scott’s conviction, Leicestershire County Council closed the Rosehill home, carried out a secret inquiry into why Scott was employed and the results were secretly reported a year later to the Social Services Committee, but have never been revealed. Scott was also mentioned in the North Wales Waterhouse report 2000,  as there were “complaints of sexual abuse from six former boy residents of the Tanllwyfan children’s home. Scott was eventually sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment for buggery and other offences against boys committed in Leicestershire between 1982 and 1985. Scott later changed his name to Alan Stancliffe and was convicted of further offences at Kesgrove, but died whilst on bail.
  • Ron Bloxham was the deputy officer in charge of Camden Road Childrens Home in Braunstone. He apparently committed suicide in April 1981 whilst on police bail for committing sexual offences against girls in care.
  • Brian Davis worked at Woodlands Observation and Assessment Centre for 5 years.  In July 1980 he was convicted of gross indecency and of indecent assault of boys between 13 and 1 ,at Woodlands and on a camping holiday. He was jailed for 1 year.
  • Peter Blastock was a residential care worker for Leicestershire County Council and a Scout leader. He was convicted of an act of gross indecency with a boy of 13. He had approached boys in Abbey Park, Leicester, shown them pornographic pictures and asked them to spank him. He stripped to his underpants and was hit with a cane. He was placed on probation for two years, asked to undergo psychiatric treatment and left the council’s employ.

E. Reports

Response of Leicestershire County Council to the Kirkwood Report: here.

Copy of Confidential Newell Report for Leicestershire County Council: here. (Note: this is very poor quality copy.)

E. Other

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