Lord Janner argues dementia no bar to prosecution; original Inquiry docs here

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Lord Janner, whom the CPS wanted to prosecute for child sex abuse but decided not to because he was suffering from dementia, was himself a vigorous advocate (see extract from Jewish Chronicle article above) of prosecutions taking place against an accused regardless of their age and their health condition. Over the last 24 hours several developments have taken place that will see evidence against Janner placed in the public domain – see ‘Updates’ below. Also, we include the report of the 1992 Inquiry that examined the child sex abuse that took place in the Leicestershire Care homes, with which Janner was accused of being a perpetrator, as well as minutes of a special meeting by Leicestershire County Council reviewing that report. Reports from the Frank Beck trial are included in an Appendix.


  • Private civil legal action is being taken against Janner and Leicestershire County Council by at least one of Janner’s alleged victims. Janner or his estate could be sued for up to £2.5million by his alleged victims. One victim has already instructed lawyers to sue the peer and Leicestershire county council, which ran the children’s home where he was allegedly abused between 1981-88. Liz Dux, of Slater & Gordon solicitors, said the 25 alleged victims could claim for up to £100,000 each. She said: “If they are successful, damages could be very sizeable.”
  • Leicestershire Police are threatening to take legal action (against the CPS?) in light of the DPP’s decision and are continuing in their investigations into the abuse (there may be other prosecution cases to follow).
  • Here is a statement issued in the last 24 hours by one of the alleged victims.
  • Also, today, ‘Nick’, a victim of child sex abuse as part of the infamous Westminister/VIP paedophile ring, has identified Janner as one of the alleged perpetrators of that ring.

See also: Janner child sex abuse: legal failures presage alternatives to prosecution/inquiries

The Kirkwood Inquiry

The conviction of Frank Beck on 29 November 1991 resulted in the establishment of two inquiries, one into the way in which the police had dealt with the allegations against Frank Beck and the Kirkwood Inquiry, which examined all aspects of the management of children’s homes by Leicestershire County Council between 1973 and 1986. At the trial of Beck a witness accused Janner of abusing him when he was 13 and 14 years old. The Report by Andrew Kirkwood QC, which was made public, did not mention Janner and the evidence raised has remained inaccessible to the public.

The main allegation that emerged against Janner at the Beck trial was that Janner had taken a boy – Paul Winston – on holiday in Scotland and buggered him twice. Beck subsequently filed an official report to his superiors making the allegation and advising that Janner should no longer have access to the boy. However this report mysteriously disappeared just before Janner got up in parliament to make a statement saying it was all lies. The boy certainly thought he had been buggered by Janner on at least nine occasions and could remember times, places and every small detail of what he later described as an “ordeal”.

Later Leicestershire County Council held a special meeting to discuss the Kirkwood Inquiry report and here are copies of the documents (minutes) of that meeting – see pages 5 to 28.

Appendix: 1991 Frank Beck trial revisited:

(The following are taken from archival press reports.)

A boy at a children’s home was abused and buggered for ‘two solid years’ by a man named as Greville Janner, the Leicestershire child abuse trial heard yesterday. Frank Beck, aged 49, the former officer in charge of three homes, who is accused of buggering 11 children during a 13-year ‘reign of terror’, made the allegation during his second day of evidence at Leicester crown court. Asked by John Black, defending, why he had engaged in conversations about sex with children in the home, he replied: ‘A lot of children had some pretty bad experiences. A number had been abused. A lot felt they were responsible for it. ‘One child had been abused and buggered for two solid years by Greville Janner. That child felt guilty, and it was important that it should be talked about so he did not suffer the guilt.’ Earlier in the trial, a 31-year-old woman who claimed she had been raped and buggered by Mr Beck, told the jury she had overheard Mr Beck and a boy at the home arguing ‘about Greville Janner’. She said Mr Beck forbade the boy, who said he was a rent boy, from visiting Mr Janner.

The former officer in charge of three Leicestershire children’s homes, who is accused of beating and abusing children and staff, told a jury yesterday how he tried to stop an alleged homosexual affair between a 15-year-old boy and the Labour MP, Greville Janner. Giving evidence for the third day at Leicester crown court, Frank Beck, aged 49, said he reported the affair to the then director of Leicestershire social services and wrote to Mr Janner. In tears, Mr Beck told the jury that the boy, an orphan placed in his care at the Ratcliffe Road children’s home, had been ‘abused something chronic’. He said he had prevented Mr Janner from visiting the boy and ‘stopped the supply of goodies’ to him. On Wednesday Mr Beck told the jury that an unnamed boy had been abused ‘for two solid years’ by Mr Janner, aged 63, a barrister who is married with three children.

The head of three Leicestershire children’s homes yesterday denied attempting to blackmail the Labour MP Greville Janner over his alleged two-year relationship with a teenage boy. Frank Beck, aged 49, told Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, at Leicester crown court: ‘I have never asked Mr Janner for anything . . . that I can think of.’ He claimed instead that Mr Janner had sent the boy £50. He denied an allegation that he had tried to bring Mr Janner and the boy together in 1989. Mr Beck said he had contacted Mr Janner to inform him ‘that he had failed, and the boy he buggered now had a son’. He said that ‘Greville Janner phoned me at home and wrote one letter to my knowledge’.

Frank Beck, the former children’s home chief accused of abusing children and staff, yesterday accused the police of hiding an affair between a 15-year-old boy and the Labour MP, Greville Janner. Giving evidence in Leicester crown court, Mr Beck, aged 49, claimed the boy, an orphan placed in his care at a Leicester children’s home, had had sex with Mr Janner, a QC and the MP for Leicester West, during an overnight stay at an hotel. Earlier, Mr Beck claimed Mr Janner had buggered the boy for two years. He said yesterday he did not include the allegation in his police statement in February this year because ‘it was never my intention to drag Mr Janner into court’. He claimed police knew about the allegations. ‘The police told me they knew about Janner and they have covered it up as you have,’ Mr Beck told Peter Joyce, QC, prosecuting. Mr Janner’s lawyers say they have advised him not to comment during the trial. Mr Beck denies 27 charges of physical and sexual abuse on children and former staff, allegedly at three Leicestershire social services children’s homes over 13 years until 1986.

A letter said to have been written by Greville Janner to a 13-year-old orphan boy in care after they allegedly slept together at the Labour MP’s home was produced at Leicester crown court yesterday. The letter was signed ‘safe journey, love Greville’ and dated 3am, July 7, 1975, the court was told. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld), now aged 30, was giving evidence at the trial of Frank Beck, 49, who denies 27 charges of physical and sexual abuse of children and former members of the staff when running children’s homes in Leicestershire.
Mr Beck’s counsel, John Black, had handed the letter to the court. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) alleges he was sexually abused by 63-year-old Mr Janner, a QC, over a two-year period while in care of social services. He said he twice stayed at Mr Janner’s London home and claimed sex acts took place there and at hotels around the country. Last Friday (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) had suggested there was only one stay at Mr Janner’s home. ‘I was very nervous and upset at having to appear (in court) and may have got one visit mixed up with another as I had visited the home more than once,’ he said. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) also claimed he was nervous when he made a statement to police about Mr Janner. In the statement he did not allege buggery but told the court last Friday that intercourse, as well as simulated and oral sex, took place. He claimed he told police of the buggery allegations in a later statement. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld), who said he had kept other letters from the MP, told the court he was transferred to a home run by Mr Beck after the alleged abuse by Mr Janner. He said he was never ill-treated by Mr Beck. When asked why he had written to Mr Janner after Mr Beck’s arrest for a reference for the defendant he replied: ‘I believe Mr Beck to be innocent and should not be treated in the way he is being treated and Mr Janner may have been able to help him in some way.’

A man who was in care as a boy told a jury yesterday how he was sexually abused by Greville Janner, QC, the Labour MP for Leicester West. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld), aged 30, was called as a witness by Frank Beck, aged 49, formerly of Braunstone, Leicester, who denies 27 charges of sexually and physically abusing children in care and former staff members at Leicester children’s homes in a 13-year period until 1986. Mr Beck has claimed he rescued (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) from sexual abuse by Mr Janner and prevented further contact. Earlier, (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) said Mr Beck put him on the right path as a teenager. He claimed he counselled him over his relationship with the MP, and stopped him seeing him. He also said Mr Beck returned a bicycle the MP sent him for Christmas and intercepted his letters. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld), now a married father, told the jury at Leicester crown court that he was 13 years old when he slept with Mr Janner at his London home. The trial had heard earlier claims Mr Janner had been (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld)’s ‘befriender’ – someone who took children out after vetting by social workers. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) said he was invited by Mr Janner for a weekend stay and during the evening was alone in a bedroom. He said the MP came in to reassure him as he was crying, then came back and said ‘if I was that upset I could sleep with him. We ended up in his bed together and he cuddled me . . . Eventually we lay beside each other. We cuddled and fondled together. I didn’t like it and told him to stop it.’ He said he was in care at the Station Road children’s home in Leicester when he was recruited, with others, by the MP to tidy up an estate. On a school trip to the House of Commons they were met by Mr Janner. Afterwards, (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) said Mr Janner went to his school and he accepted an invitation to visit the Commons. He claimed he was again invited to London where the alleged fondling took place. He claimed he saw Mr Janner regularly when he was in Leicester on constituency work. He would stay in his hotel, sleeping in his bed. He also claimed he was once fondled by Mr Janner in the hotel’s pool. John Black, counsel for Mr Beck, asked what happened when they were in bed. (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) replied: ‘Petting and fondling.’ Asked if it ever went further than that, he said Mr Janner ‘simulated sex’ with him ‘five or six times throughout the period I knew him’. Asked if it ever went further at Mr Janner’s hotel, he replied: ‘Only on one occasion. I cried and tried to push away from him.’ (Alleged Victim’s Name withheld) said he was 13 1/2 when this occurred. He said the MP bought him toys, clothes and concert tickets. He later told the jury that during their alleged two-year relationship – when he said he saw the MP ‘most weekends and sometimes during the week’ – he accompanied Mr Janner on a two-week lecture tour of Scotland, when they stayed in hotel rooms together. He said he was twice buggered by the MP on the tour. Asked if he liked what happened, he said: ‘No, I did not, and I tried to stop it.’ He said he stole money from the MP’s wallet, as ‘my way of getting back at him’. After returning to the children’s home he said Mr Janner rang the head of the home, Barbara Fitt, who then handed him the receiver. He said the MP told him he would give him ‘another chance’, to which he agreed. But their contact became less frequent, and there was no further alleged abuse.


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