ISIS recruiters targeted, but threatens another ‘9/11’ as “Ghost Security” attacks continue

For the last two months Anonymous hactivists called Ghost Security (or GhostSec) have been systematically attacking hundreds of pro-ISIS websites and thousands of pro-ISIS Twitter and Facebook accounts – some of which are listed below. The attacks could be having an effect as, today, Anonymous Press tweeted that ISIS have threatened, in retaliation, to attack the USA, 9/11 style. Last week pro-ISIS hackers, called CyberCaliphate, also brought down an entire French television channel, TV5Monde. The cyber attacks by GhostSec have occurred over a period that saw ISIS step up its recruitment campaign aimed at would-be Western-based jihadists as well as so-called ‘jihadist brides’ (re. the latter, see video below).

While ISIS recruitment is largely targeted at young men for jihad, it also targets young females, who are perceived as being of huge propaganda value. Once these females have reached ISIS-controlled territory, it is not long before they find themselves married off to men who already have several wives and, so, become a concubine and dragooned into a life of sexual slavery. In the UK alone more than 60 young men and women have been recruited to join ISIS as jihadists or as ‘jihadi brides’ (see video below).

The security services have apparently made it clear they are opposed to autonomous action against ISIS recruitment and propaganda via their online accounts, as such accounts can also provide invaluable intelligence. However, the GhostSec operation – #OpISIS – continues and if successful may help stem the online recruitment by ISIS and the grooming of vulnerable teenagers. So far, as of last Wednesday, the hactivists had attacked 233 ISIS websites, destroyed 85 of those sites and closed down 25,000 ISIS Twitter accounts.

Below is GhostSec’s latest list of what it claims are are either ISIS or ISIS-sympathetic or ISIS-apologist websites and their ISPs (note: this list may need re-checking – e.g. CageUK has published good research on rendition and torture): Webhosting UKComLtd CloudFlare CloudFlare CloudFlare Yahoo! Europe CloudFlare CloudFlare ColoCrossing United States Rook Media GmbH Switzerland Bradler & Krantz Germany Pulsant United Kingdom Digital Ocean UK Intergenia AG Germany Inteergenia AG Germany CloudFlare Heart Internet Ltd. UK LeaseWeb Netherlands NameCheap United States OVH SAS France CloudFlare CloudFlare WebRulon United States GoDaddy LLC. United States TeleSonera AB Europe Google United States Mercury United States SoftLayer Tech United States Secured Servers LLC. US SoftLayer Technologies US Unified Layer United States CloudFlare Google United States Weebly United States Global Layer B.V. Netherlands Global Village Telecom Brazil Unified Layer U.S. Hetzner Online Germany
http://www.dinhaqq.infoSc Elvsoft Srl Romania US, San fran based – Speedingdragon LLC CloudFlare CloudFlare Australia Turkey UK, London based – Al-Quds Al Arabi Publishing UK, London based – Cageprisoners Ltd Egypt Lebanon Canada whois protected by US company UK, London based Turkey CloudFlare Qatar Turkey CloudFlare Turkey Iraq US, New York Based Egypt UK, London Based CloudFlare Kuwait HostPapa, NY USA CloudFlare Jordanian site, whois protected by US company CloudFlare CloudFlare CloudFlare CloudFlare

Click here to see a list of Twitter accounts that Anonymous have identified as ISIS or pro-ISIS accounts.

The following are some of the Twitter handles that have been brought down by Anonymous and RedCult team as part of #OpISIS: > Rachid Abou Houdeyfa

Anonymous states that the Facebook accounts listed below ‘appear to be in close contact with ISIS’.

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