MI6 agent “handled” Syrian who assisted three British girls cross to Syria

At the same time that Mohammed Rashed – also known as Dr. Mehmet Resit – was earning money trafficking ISIS recruits into Syria – including the three British teenage girls from North London – he also claims he was supplying intelligence on ISIS to CSIS (Canadian intelligence) via its embassy in Jordan. Although there is no record that Rashed worked for CSIS, the intelligence agency has refused to deny Rashed’s claims. A double agent? The latest information to emerge is that the 28-year-old man arrested by the Turkish authorities was a dentist who fled the Syrian conflict into Jordan and sought asylum in another country before the Canadian embassy took an interest in his asylum case. He then travelled to Canada by approval of the embassy and stayed there for a while before returning to Jordan. According to the Turkish news channel A Habar, Turkish police now claim that the intelligent agent in the Canadian Embassy who acted as Rashed’s handler was a British intelligence agent called ‘Matt’ – MI6?

UPDATE: latest information is that “Matt” (CSIS or MI6?) reported to Claude at Canadian Embassy (Amman) and that funding for people trafficking came from CSIS.

Note: video above shows Rashed arrested. Video below shows Rashed with the three girls.

According to a Turkish intelligence report Rashed accompanied the three British teenage girls — Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15 — on a bus to Gaziantep, a town near the Turkey-Syria border that is often used as a staging point by those looking to join ISIS. Rashed was detained on Feb. 28 and plane and bus tickets in the three girls’ names were found in his possession, as well as a video of the girls meeting the human traffickers and setting off for the Syrian border. Also found in his possession were photos of passports and images of passport stamps for at least 20 other people. Rashed has allegedly entered Turkey 33 times using his Syrian passport. According to Turkish intelligence Rashed received multiple money wire transfers of between $800 and $1500 from people in England “with Arab names.”

Turkish authorities have now confirmed they have screen shots of text messages that Rashed sent to Canadian intelligence officials.  Rashed claims he worked for Canadian intelligence (CSIS) and that he occasionally travelled to the Canadian Embassy in Jordan to pass on information he had gathered about ISIS. It has also been reported that a “European security source” confirmed to Reuters that Rashed has a link to CSIS.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister commented: “There are people who work for both sides, people who work for intelligence services. The recent example is the person who helped three British girls to cross into Syria. He works in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition. I am not saying he is a citizen of this country. He is a Syrian citizen but he works for the intelligence services of a country that is a member of the coalition.”

However four ex-Canadian Security Intelligence Service officials have told the Canadian media that if Rashed had any connection with Canadian intelligence it was likely to be tenuous, but that after he was arrested he probably exaggerated his role as a source. If Rashed worked in some capacity for CSIS, and based on reports his computer contained images of passport and travel documents of several apparent ISIL recruits, it’s conceivable he was actually gathering intelligence for CSIS about those recruits and the methods, logistics and contacts for spiriting them into Syria, said Ray Boisvert, former assistant director of intelligence for CSIS. He added: “If he was a CSIS asset, he’s likely an observer whose only job is to report what he saw”.

That only leaves the question as to who is the mysterious ‘Matt’? (Note: given Britain’s long history with Jordan, it would be inconceivable if CSIS did not work closely with MI6, its sister organisation.)

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