Barrett Brown sentence includes surveillance of his computer usage on his release

It has been revealed that the sentence of US journalist Barratt Brown not only includes over three-quarter of a million dollars restitution payment to Stratfor but also the ongoing monitoring of his computer work once he has served his prison sentence. Pages from his Sentence document are provided below (click on each image to enlarge).

$815,000 are to be paid by Brown to Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) as part of a total restitution of $890,250.

Sentence conditions require on release Brown can only use a computer authorized by the Probation Service. Furthermore the Probation Service will have the right to examine his computer at any time and have access to his Internet usage via his ISP. Also, Brown will not be allowed to use any software or other tools to hide or disguise his internet usage, including the use of encryption tools. His probation term is specified as two years. However the Probation Service can request an extension of this period if it has grounds to do so (believes Brown not fully compliant with all conditions during ‘Supervised Release’).

Effectively these conditions mean that for the first two years (and possibly longer) Brown will be restricted in carrying out his research work.





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