Lagarde List republished on eve of Greek elections

Anti-austerity protests 2012

After years of forced austerity by a conservative government in collusion with German-led eurocrats, the Greek people appear to be on the brink of rejecting that government to try their luck elsewhere – with Syriza, a party that is yet to prove it means what it says. Two years ago a courageous Greek journalist – Kostas Vaxevanis – published the Greek section of the infamous ‘Lagarde List’ of people with Swiss-based bank accounts and in doing was was arrested, charged and tried, but was eventually freed. The list showed that just under 2000 industrialists, financiers, businesspeople, socialites, as well as prominent people in Government, were hiding their money to allegedly avoid tax – effectively robbing the Greek people of their collective wealth. This section of the list is republished below as a reminder of who those people are.

Note: The Lagarde list is a spreadsheet containing just over 2,000 names of persons with undeclared accounts at HSBC bank’s Geneva branch. It is named after former French finance minister Christine Lagarde, who in October 2010 passed it on to Greek officials to help them crack down on tax evasion. However, it was only two years later the list became known to a wider public, when Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis published it in his magazine Hot Doc, protesting against the Greek government’s failure to launch an investigation. In November 2012 Vaxevanis was acquitted of charges relating to the publication of the list. One name on the list was Stavros Papastavros, an advisor to Greek PM Samaras; another was Georgios Voulgarakis, a former minister and a member of Samaras’ New Democracy political party. The list also contained the names of officials in the finance ministry, which had been at the centre of the financial crisis in Greece. The list went inexplicably missing for more than a year after outgoing finance minister Papakonstantinou passed it to incoming finance minister Evangelos Venizelos in 2011. After publishing the list Vaxevanis was followed, burgled and his left threatened.

Here is the list (Greek section):

List of 2,059 names in PDF format 19 pages Download
(5.58 MB)
Scanned images of original publication in ZIP archive Download
(48 MB)
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