Westminster child abuse inquiry link to Prince Andrew paedophile associate

Left: Jeffrey Epstein; right: Prince Andrew

Over the last couple of days newspapers and the blogosphere have been awash with stories about the civil suit in the USA that includes an allegation that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, had sex with a teenage girl – Virginia Roberts – courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein, a US business associate of the prince and a convicted paedophile. Now we can reveal that one of the names listed in Epstein’s address book was the man who oversaw the first inquiry into a Westminster paedophile ring.

Further details are given below, together with a copy of the legal submission by the plaintiffs listed in the current case against Epstein and pdfs of exhibits submitted at his trial.

1. The Havers connection?

According to the legal submission Jeffrey Epstein’s personal phone book included 26 numbers for Prince Andrew alone. We can also reveal that Epstein’s phone book includes the contact details of Sir Michael Havers, the former British Attorney-General: this may be of significance given that Havers oversaw the first inquiry into the notorious Westminster paedophile ring. Havers was Attorney General 1979-87 and has been subject to a number of allegations, including that he helped to stop the Elm Guest House investigation, tried to stop Sir Peter Hayman being named in Parliament by Geoffrey Dickens MP and tried to limit the inquiry into the Kincora boys home sex scandal. Havers’ sister, Baroness Butler-Sloss, was forced to stand down as head of another, second inquiry into child sex abuse on a wider scale, because she was seen as being “too establishment”. (For further details on the Westminster paedophile ring, see Section 4 below.)

2. The documents and allegations

The legal submission by the plaintiffs – each going by the name ‘Jane Doe’ – was made on 30 December 2014, resulting in the statement by the British monarchy (see Section 3 below). This is also available in pdf format.

Here also are copies of court documents relating to Epstein’s trial: click here and here.

In the submission to the court Virginia Roberts – listed as “Jane Doe #3” – alleges that:

  • in 1999 she was groomed as a ‘sex slave’ at the age of 15 on Epstein’s behalf by Ghislaine Maxwell (the daughter of the late and disgraced media magnate, Sir Robert Maxwell)
  • she was subsequently sex trafficked to US politicians, business executives, a ‘well-known prime minister’, foreign presidents and world leaders
  • she had sex with Prince Andrew in London, New York and on an island in the Virgin Islands owned by Epstein
  • Epstein intended to blackmail those persons who participated in the sexual liaisons
  • Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer, had sex with her on numerous occasions

The submission further alleges that Prince Andrew used his influence on the US Government to assist Dershowitz in negotiating:

  • a low sentence for his client of 18 months (for having sex with a 14 year old girl) though he only served 13 months
  • an agreement that Epstein’s associates would be immune from prosecution (although not necessarily from being subpoenaed to appear in any future court hearing as a witness)
  • that the cases involving 40 more sex abuse victims would not be investigated further

The plea deal negotiated for Epstein states: “If Epstein successfully fulfills all the terms of this agreement the United States also agrees that it will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein including but no limited to [four named individuals not including Prince Andrew or Dershowitz].” In other words if Prince Andrew is considered to be a co-conspirator he could be prevented from having to face criminal charges (though not necessarily charges raised in a civil suit).

After Epstein was released from jail he and Prince Andrew met up and were photographed together in New York’s Central Park. However, because of his association with Epstein the Prince was forced to relinquish his role as UK trade envoy.

3. The denials

Over the weekend Buckingham Palace issued an uncharacteristic strongly-worded denial of any liaison between the prince and the girl. The statement initially stated that “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors” by the duke was “categorically untrue”. In a second strongly worded statement on Saturday night, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with [the woman]. The allegations made are false and without any foundation.”

Maxwell and Dershowitz have also strongly denied all allegations and Dershowitz has threatened legal proceedings against the plaintiff(s).

Whether or not Prince Andrew is required to provide evidence at court hearings involving Epstein or Virginia Roberts, Buckingham Palace may be forced into adopting more defensive measures to protect the reputation of the ‘Firm’ against these and other allegations. Which brings us back to the current inquiry into the 1970/80s London-based paedophile ring and the murder of three children…

4. The other Royal sex scandal

The 1970/80s paedophile ring was linked to sex orgies at the Elm Guest House and a flat at Dolphin Square. The recent, revived interest in what happened is partly a result of the matter being raised by Labour MPs Tom Watson and John Mann and is now under investigation by a department of the Metropolitan Police. Here is some background on the scandal…

The paedophile ring was first looked into as a result of a dossier presented by the late Labour cabinet minster, Baroness Barbara Castle. The dossier alleged that Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson, other MPs, senior policemen, head teachers and clergy were involved in the ring and that there were also “links to the royal household”. Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe claimed he provided 40 pages of evidence about Cabinet members abusing underage boys to Margaret Thatcher and that Joseph, Boyson, Dr Alastair Smith and Michael Havers were involved. Gilberthorpe also claimed he supplied underage rent boys for private sex parties at Tory conferences and that he is willing to testify to this at any inquiry.

After Castle had collated the dossier, she handed it to Don Hale, the respected editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger. Mr Hale later claimed that a “heavy mob” of Special Branch officers raided his office and confiscated the dossier a day after paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith had visited him to demand he bury the story. Labour MP Geofrey Dickens later presented the Castle dossier to Tory Cabinet minister Sir Leon Brittain (who recently claimed it had been ‘lost’ by the Home Office).

More recently the investigation moved up a gear when police were handed another dossier by MP John Mann, naming 22 individuals: these include six serving parliamentarians from an early dossier (three MPs and three members of the House of Lords), 14 Conservative politicians, 5 Labour politicians and 3 politicians from other parties. Again, two of the politicians named in this dossier are Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson.

It is believed that the Dolphin Square flat (and possibly Elm Guest House) was the venue where three children were murdered: one boy was strangled by a Conservative MP, a second boy was murdered by two men and witnessed by another Conservative MP, and a third boy was deliberately run over by a car.

Note… Allegations of sexual impropriety against members of the Royal Family go back decades – the most famous in recent history involving the Profumo Affair, when it was widely understood that one of those establishment figures attending sex parties organised by Lord Astor and who would arrive at the parties in an iron mask was a very senior royal. Another prominent figure attending the parties and who had sexual relationship with socialite Christine Keeler was John Profumo, Minister of War. However, Keeler was also having a sexual relationship with the Russian Naval Attache, Captain Yevgeny Ivanov. The ensuing scandal saw the prosecution of osteopath Stephen Ward – who was falsely accused of living off the immoral earnings of Keeler and her friend Mandy-Rice Davies. The subsequent trial of Ward led to his conviction. After listening to the judge’s damning summing-up, Ward allegedly took an overdose of sleeping tablets and was taken to hospital. On the next day he was found guilty in absentia of the charges relating to Keeler and Rice-Davies. Sentence was postponed until Ward was fit to appear, but a few days later he died from the overdose (though it was suggested that Ward was killed by an agent or agents acting for MI6). In the fall-out Profumo was forced to resign his post once it became clear he had lied to Parliament; not long after the Conservative Government collapsed. But the matter of the ‘senior royal’ was, some might say, conveniently ‘forgotten’.

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  1. WOW this puts the appointment of Buttler Sloss in a whole new light.
    They’re cleaning up after themselves very well. May has some explaining to do…
    When are heads finally going to roll??


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