Ambiguities re company behind eviction of squatted homeless centre

Further details have emerged about the company that allegedly owns the London building squatted last Saturday as a centre for the homeless. The squatters, who called themselves “Love Activists”, were evicted from the property on Christmas Eve after being served with an injunction by a company called Greencap Ltd.

GreenCap Ltd was described in the Guardian as a business officially dissolved and its current assets worth only £9. The only company with both that name and which was recently dissolved is based in Australia and was taken over by multinational Wesfarmers. However, confusingly, the Greencap Ltd website is still functioning and its head office is shown as in Melbourne (Level 1, 677 High Street, Kew East VIC 3102; phone: 03 9890 8811; email: The site lists its CEO as  Earl Eddings.

There is another Greencap Ltd, based in Wales, but which does not fit the profile (it describes itself as a ‘social enterprise’ business and specialises in refurbishing furniture).

A third Greencap is based in the USA, but again this does not fit the profile (it specialises in consumer loans).

The Greencap Ltd that owns the property is registered – presumably for tax purposes – at Ogier House, St Helier, Jersey (it has changed its name to Elian Private Wealth). EPW’s  London contact details are as follows: 6th Floor, 11 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU. Phone +44 20 7160 5000; email

The latest news from the squatters is that after the injunction was served on Christmas Eve and the squatters evicted, the injunction was varied by a high court judge to allow them to re-enter the property “solely for the purpose of preparation, serving and participation in a festive Christmas lunch for homeless people” on Christmas Day. However the police used a technicality to prevent this and just after midnight, in the early hours of Christmas Day, the police presented another injunction disallowing the variation.

Love Activists protesters in central London

Regardless, the squatters set up a food bank outside the building – which had been empty for two years – and on Christmas Day distributed uncooked meals to the homeless. This food bank continues (see photo below).

For live updates, go to the Peoples Assembly site. (Note: last year in London over 6000 people were homeless.)

love activists

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