Syria: massacres continue; UK climbdown on returning Brits

Siege of Kobani continues

As massacres conducted by ISIS (see below) and by the equally brutal Assad regime (see also below) continue, the British Home Secretary has signaled a common-sense approach to how Brits returning from Syria will be dealt with.

William Hague, the British Home Secretary was forced to concede that pronouncements made by the Tory Government about how Brits returning from the war zone in Syria would be criminalised is not helpful and that a more discriminating approach will be adopted.

Former Attorney-General, Dominic Grieve, waded into the debate by pointing out that it is illegal under international law for any Government to make a citizen stateless by withdrawing their passport (US Gov take note re Edward Snowden plight).

There are many reasons why a Brit may have tried to enter Syria: for example, to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and displaced persons; to join forces with those fighting the Assad regime; to join up with ISIS. There are also those who join up ISIS presumably out of sheer naievity and on witnessing what is happening prefer to return home and dissuade others from making the same mistake. Legal anomalies regarding those persons returning home from war zones have been highlighted.

Meanwhile the massacres in Syria and Iraq continue. Yesterday it was revealed that 322 people – many of whom were women and children – from the Al-Bu Nimr tribe in the Anbar province in Iraq had been massacred by ISIS and the bodies discovered in a well.  Tribal leader Sheikh Naeem al-Ga’oud added that a further 75 people had been murdered by ISIS near Haditha.

Over the last fortnight around 400 barrel-bombs have been dropped by Assad forces on Aleppo and four barrel-bombs hit the refugee camp at Idlib.

In Kobani, the Kurds are still desperately defending the city, which remains under siege from ISIS.

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