UK undercover cops: one baby = £425000

bob lambert

Bob Lambert, right, posing as London Greenpeace activist

Bob Lambert was an undercover police officer with the Special Demonstration Squad and who, in order to infiltrate political activists, formed a long-term relationship with one of the woman activists, subsequently fathering her child. The woman activist, who prefers to remain anonymous to protect her child and uses the name ‘Jacqui’, only discovered the full truth of what happened 24 years later after reading about Lambert in an article in The Guardian (and on learning this news contemplated committing suicide). At the time London Greenpeace spectacularly outed Lambert, who had co-wrote the leaflet that led to the infamous McLibel trial. Today the Metropolitan Police announced it would be awarding ‘Jacqui’ £425000 in damages. This is the price the police puts on a child they, ultimately, were responsible for bringing into this world.

Notably, the Metropolitan Police continues to refuse to prosecute Lambert (and other undercover cops who formed similar relationships – see below). There are believed to be over 1200 undercover police officers in Britain today.

Here is an audio interview with ‘Jacqui’.

Eight other women who were victims of similar long-term sexual relationships with undercover cops have filed claims. (Another undercover officer unmasked in 2011 – Jim Boyling – married and had children with an environmentalist after admitting he had been planted by the Met. The couple have since divorced.)

A support group for the women was set up: here are just three stories from the eight women filing claims…

Helen was actively involved in campaigns opposing capitalism and for social justice and environmental sustainability.
> Helen’s story. Here is an interview with her.

Laura came from a background of animal rights, green, social justice and anti-racist campaigns, and was involved in local campaigns which put people, communities and the environment before profit. She does not wish to share further details of her story at this time.

Lily was involved in direct action for social and environmental justice, including migrant rights campaigning and anti-capitalist mobilisations.
> Lily’s story

The outing of Bob Lambert, MBE, took place after the former Detective Inspector had just spoken at an anti-racist conference in London. He was challenged by five members of London Greenpeace, who called on him to apologise for the undercover police infiltration of London Greenpeace, Reclaim The Streets and other campaign groups – an operation he took part in or supervised over two decades, whilst rising to the rank of Detective Inspector and taking charge of the Special Demonstrations Squad.

Lambert helped in the conviction of two activists from the Animal Liberation Front, who had been charged with planting incendiary devices in branches of Debenhams in protest at the sale of fur in July1987. Later an MP queried the extent to which Lambert was involved in the action – i.e. as a agent provocateur.

After leaving the police Lambert ran the Muslim Contact Unit, a Scotland Yard department. Later he worked as a lecturer at Exeter and St Andrews universities.

Here is more information on five of the more notorious undercover cops:

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