Zapatistas demand answers to missing student protesters, feared murdered

People hold photographs of missing students in Iguala

UPDATE: Rioting students have torched government buildings in the city of Chilpancingo and are demanding answers to missing students. 10 mass graves have been found, where the murdered students are presumed buried.

In the Chiapas province of Mexico, hundreds of Zapatistas marched through the streets of San Cristobal in support of 43 student teachers who have gone missing, feared dead. Mass graves have been found and bodies discovered with faces mutilated. A major cover-up by the police and government is suspected…

Events began two weeks back in the city of Iguala when police snatched 43 students who were on a bus heading for a protest. The students have never been seen again. The local police as well as Jose Luis Abarca, the major of the city, are believed to be closely involved with the Beltran Leyva and Guerreros Unidos drug cartels. A few days ago the mass graves on the outskirts of the city were discovered: alll the bodies had been burned.

Twenty-two police have since been arrested in relation to the abduction/murder of the students and the local police force has been disbanded. However, locals have no confidence in these measures, for corruption at all levels of government – local through to national – is endemic.

Meanwhile the Zapatistas have demanded answers to what took place and that justice be metered to the perpetrators. Throughout Mexico, thousands have also protested and are demanding justice.

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